A Thought from Interim Director of Missions / Moderator Barry

We just finished Our 37th Annual meeting of the Mount Salem Wyaconda  Baptist Association, and our host church, South Union Baptist Church did a wonderful job on its music and food that was provided. We started out on Thursday night with a prayer time, just spending that time praying for our churches our pastors and our association.  Friday we entered into a time of Worship with our guest speaker Dr. Monte Shinkle, who took our theme passage 1 Corinthians 9: 26 - 27, and encouraged us not to be castaways, and then he encouraged the congregation, that they must be praying for their pastor and their leaders that they would remain strong.  Saturday started the day at 9:00 am and through that time we conducted the necessity of business for our annual meeting.  New people were appointed to several positions and several continued to serve in their current position.   Brother Russell Brownell, who had been our Associational treasurer decided it was time for him to step back and let somebody else take control with that we were pleased to announce and to present to him a plaque of service of 17 years as this associational treasure we thank you brother Russell and we know that God has more for you to do. Numerous reports were made from standing committees, but I believe the most outstanding and most active committee was our Disaster Relief, between serving in our community and in serving in disasters such as the recent tornado that touched down in Bering Missouri, this group of people all volunteers gave so much of their time and effort out of love.  I would encourage you if you’re not part of your local Disaster Relief Team, find out more about it and get involved   Our next most active groups are running neck and neck I believe they are our Summer Camp for our children and youth and our Women’s Mission Union (WMU) both are very active in reaching all ages within and without our community. We also have another wonderful group that meet once a month, they work on sewing eyeglass cases for vision 3:16.  This is a mission work that takes used glasses To Mexico and surrounding areas and providing vision care for those that need it   Our ladies and some men are producing somewhere around 1000 eyeglass cases each month this is a very wonderful ministry and I’m glad to be a part of it.    But if I could leave one last thought for this month, I would pray that everyone and every church would consider pulling together in the oneness and unity that Christ, has called us to be.  For without us pulling all together we could not accomplish what the Lord has for us doing it alone!     

God Bless.

Interim Director of Missions / Moderator Barry Pfister
Mt Salem-Wyaconda Southern Baptist Association
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