A Thought from Interim Director of Missions / Moderator Barry
“Doing Together that which we cannot do alone, for the cause of Christ”

As I was standing in the line the other day at one of our local stores you know the one’s, they have the ‘self-checkouts’ to keeps you from standing in long line so you may speedily pass your items over the scanner, insert your change, money or card, and be on your way very quickly.  What I noticed while I was standing there, there were more people standing in a line where an actual person was operating the checkout.  As I made my way up to the check out, and finally got to meet face to face the person who would scan my items take my cash and bid me a good farewell, I noticed that they were not having a good day and could tell that they were tired from doing was the same thing over and over, distress was written all over their face. 

  We have been there, and we know how simple I smile, a thank you, and even saying have a good day can make a person's life a lot better.  And that's just what I did.  Called the person by their name to connect with them, because I understood their fatigue and tiredness.  I said, ‘May I pray for you that you have a good day’ and all a sudden their face lit up, it was what they needed, to know that someone care about them and not someone that would complain to them about, you rang this up the wrong way! 

  We are surrounded by people all day long, those we work with, family, and close friends.  How often do we truly look at them with a heart of compassion and love?   To look and send a seed of encouragement.   God's Word, tells us that we are to be encouragers, lifting one another up with prayer and supplication.  How often have you taken the time to encourage somebody today?  
    I told that cashier that I was going pray for them, just seeing the look on their face made all the difference in my life, because somehow I made a difference in that person's life!   Whose life are you changing?  And do you want to see your life change?  

    Take time to tell someone the good news that Jesus loves them and can change their life!    
In a few short weeks we will be celebrating Easter.  It's time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,  my prayer for each and every church service, and those that attended would not only be there because it's Easter, but they may know the reason that the tomb is empty, and that we who  have believed and have trusted in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior, know that he is alive, and the One and only true King of Kings!  

  We have one great need within our association.  The Providence Baptist Church and the parsonage were destroyed by fire on January 4.  Many have asked what they can do to help.  I would say pray, then be ready both physically and with resources when the time comes to clean up and rebuild.  This is one area of missions that I believe our association can help this congregation.
    Thank you for your help, your input and your prayers.

Interim Director of Missions / Moderator Barry Pfister
Mt Salem-Wyaconda Southern Baptist Association
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